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Sometimes affordable living is small living. Many homes give up wonderful amenities such as back yards, closet space, etc.Some people love it some people hate it. Either way, below is a list of ways to maximize your small living space.


1. Financial advantages

Maybe you are downsizing because all the kids grew up. Maybe you are just starting out and need something small. There are financial gains to smaller living. The average person spends about 30% of each paycheck on housing. By embracing smaller, less expensive spaces it may offer financial freedom for travelling or earlier retirement.

2. Prioritize your belongings

Living in a smaller home means if it doesn’t fit, it can’t stay. If you haven’t used something or even thought about it in a 6 month period or even a year it’s probably time to let it go. Prioritizing belongings may even bring you a little extra joy knowing you can help someone else by selling or donating items. Allow yourself leeway for sentimental items. If it means that much to you hold one to it. Even consider creating something useful out of old items; for example, turning your favorite old t-shirts that you love but never wear anymore and turn them into a quilt.

3. Get creative with storage

You can create hidden storage by creating drawers under your bed to create more space for storage. Even elevating your bed to put a desk or another useful area is a great way of creating extra space when it’s very limited. Decorate your room with jewelry or scarfs that not only accent your room but also allow you to see what you have in plain sight without having to search in a box or closet for it.

4. Factor in the furniture

Multifunctional furniture is key in small spaces. Nightstands or tables with drawers add more storage space into the home. Appliances can be multifunctional as well. Make a game or challenge out of it. Even if you have a home with plenty of space you may not have enough room for everything you own. With less stuff to worry about, because you managed to place everything neatly away in your amazing storage space ideas, you may find yourself feeling freer and happier!