The January 2014 Kiplingers magazine has an article titled “Home Prices On The Rise. In the article, they include a chart of 100 U.S metro areas and track how prices have done over the last 12 months in those areas and also compare where prices are to the previous peak. For example, the thriving Austin, Texas market gained 12.1 percent in the past year and that puts it 12.9 percent past the previous peak. On the other hand, Las Vegas gained 32.2 percent this year but still has another 52.3 percent to go to get back to the peak.

Our market has found a nice comfortable middle ground.  We gained 10.2percent last year but are 26.2 percent from the peak.  This is a nice pace.  And, if you are one of the many believers in this vibrant area we live in, it may be the perfect time to get on board for both selling and moving up or buying for the first time.  This is a train that’s just getting out of the station.  Get on board!