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The best real estate agents will ask their first-time buyers to create a wish list of everything they would like to have in a home and group them into these four categories:

  1. Location – If you have children, where will they attend school, what about your commute to work, where do your friends and family live.
  2. Size – How many people are in your family, do you need extra storage, what about full bathrooms or plans to grow your family.
  3. Amenities – Do you have hobbies like cooking, would you like to have a swimming pool, a fireplace or carpet vs hardwood floors.
  4. Condition – Watch a lot of HGTV and ready to start a project or do you have a busy life and other activities to enjoy.

Your fun activities and family lifestyle should fit around your home. So remember to think about how you plan to use your home (besides just a place to live) when your ready to become a homeowner.

What are the top questions on your mind when looking for your first home?