You did everything you could to protect your furniture and you even put one of those annoying flimsy plastic drop cloths on the floor. But the kids and pets came in and stepped right in the paint tray. Now they’re tracking foot and paw prints throughout the house! Well now what?

Until I read these next few tips online I didn’t know that you could get paint out of carpet. Look no further than below.

For big paint spills that are fresh Thisoldhouse.com recommends first scooping the pooled paint into the paint bucket or tray using cardboard pieces. Then with 1 bucket of fresh water and 1 empty bucket begin saturating the spill with a clean cloth. Immediately after you’ve soaked the spill grab a fat spoon like a serving spoon and scoop the saturated paint and dump it in the empty bucket. Be sure to work fast so the paint doesn’t dry on the carpet. You may even want to use a carpet shampooer to ensure you got all of the paint from below the surface. Otherwise, the dried paint will leave a hard spot on the carpet.

For dried paint, a post on Homedepot.com says you’ll have to by a heavy duty cleaner such as these

carpet cleaner


Hopefully these tips will help you keep your carpets unharmed by your painting endeavors. If the spill is just too bad and you need your carpet replaced, let us know! We’ve got lots of contacts in the area that we can recommend.