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We talk a lot about moving here on this blog. It’s a more efficient way for us to help YOU. Typically when you’re moving you’ve known about it for at least 2 weeks. If you have less notice than that then we’re really sorry, but you shouldn’t be reading this blog – you should be packing and moving! Those of you with enough notice should start doing these things to better prepare for your actual move.

  • PLAN: Can you handle the move on your own or do you need to hire professionals? This is the single most important question to answer before packing anything. If you’ve decided you can handle it without professionals be sure to reserve a moving truck and enlist some friends and family to help. A professional moving company can be worth the cost if you have lots of rooms to empty or have any physical disabilities that prevent you from lifting heavy furniture and boxes.
  • LIST: Go around your home, room to room, and make a list of the things you want to keep and those things that you would like to give away. You may want to throw a quick yard sale before your big move. Or you can take your donations to a local charity.
  • LABEL: When you start packing be sure to label the boxes clearly and on all sides so that you don’t have a stack of unmarked boxes in your new home. Some people like to label by contents, others by room. Pick one and stick with it.
  • PACK: If you can, start packing sooner rather than later. Obviously some items will be packed at the last possible second but off season clothing, dishes and utensils, and extra linens may not be necessary to keep around during the move.

Hopefully these tips will get you started in the right direction with your big move. Contact us today if you need advice or help with your move! stephanie@gusanthony.com