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Organize wordWhat better way to kick off 2013 than with a vow to get organized before you decide to sell? Here are 17 tips organized by room to help you prepare your home for showings. A cluttered home can be enough for you to lose a potential buyer. If the buyer sees a messy home they may wonder what other details the seller has failed to tend to. We’ve put together a list of things to clean, check, or fix in each room of the house before you begin showing. Our very own rental agent, Suzanne Woods, can also assist you in staging your home for sale or rent!


1. Clean EVERYTHING! Lisa LaPorta recommends a combination of water and bleach in a spray bottle to get rid of unsightly surface mold on walls, tile, and anywhere excelsior_bathroomelse in the bathroom.

2. Reduce clutter on vanity, tub, and toilet tops. The buyer doesn’t need to know what brand of toothpaste you use. Keep only the necessary items out such as toilet paper, hand towels, hand soaps, or lotions. Be sure to use only one or two neutral colors throughout.

3. Close all closet doors, toilet lids, and shower curtains. It adds more appeal for buyers.


1. Remain as neutral as possible. You don’t know if your buyer is a man or woman or what their style is like, so it’s best to appeal to as many people as possible. Don’t be boring though. A bed-in-a-bag set from a department store is a great way to add a luxurious feel to a neutral bedroom.

carlmasterbedroom-800x4002. Make the bed. It’s that simple.

3. Pick up after yourself. Don’t leave clothes and dirty towels hanging around or lying on the floor. It’s unsightly and a huge turn-off for buyers.


1. Hide/store all small kitchen appliances like toasters, blenders, or mixers as well as bread, sugar, flours, and so on. These things only serve to clutter a kitchen andhome_staging make it look smaller than it is. Small kitchens can be enough to lose a sale.

2. If there is a table in the kitchen set the table for a meal including plates, napkins, glasses, and so on. If the table seems to overpower the kitchen though, then take it out!

3. Stain old, ugly kitchen cabinets. This is a much cheaper and easier solution than replacing them. After staining, install updated hardware. Stainless steel handles and knobs are typically considered modern and appeal to many buyers. This should only cost about $200.

4. Replace old kitchen appliances with new or used but still modern appliances. This can make all the difference in your kitchen and the sale of your house.

Living/Family Room

1. Arrange fireplace mantles so they appear clean and fresh. Replace family photos and personal items with neutral decorations and artwork. Be sure everything blends nicely together without one piece standing out alone.

2. If you have a bookcase or built-in arrange books and accessories so that it before-after-stagingappears uncluttered. You may have to pack some unnecessary or extra books to achieve this look. Sometimes the book spines can be decorative on their own. Pick books with complimentary spine colors and designs.

3. Create focal points with furniture. Move the furniture away from the walls and the room will appear much larger than it is.

4. With more open floor plans, be sure all decor flows in each segment of the rooms. In other words, paint and accessory colors should be uniform throughout the open plan.

5. Add window treatments to give texture and depth to a room.

Dining Rooms

dining-kitchen_home_staging1. Set the table for a dinner party. This is a great way to help buyers visualize how they might use the space.

2. Remove all unnecessary furniture such as extra chairs to make the room look more spacious.

The Gus Anthony Team | 703.818.1886 | team@gusanthony.com | http://www.gusanthony.com