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Capitol Building - DC

After living in the area for just about 8 years, I’ve learned a few things. And thanks to the DC local morning news, this is some pretty vital information. If you never want to have to watch the news again, just remember these 14 (and counting) things. Just think how much extra time you’ll have to sleep in in the morning!

1) Someone in Gaithersburg, MD is hit by a car over night. Every night.

2) The Wizards lost last night. Washington Wizards coach, Randy Wittman

3) An abandoned home in DC caught fire over night. A body was recovered.

4) DC and Prince George’s County governments are a joke.

Image5) Local drivers are aggravated by speed cameras but refuse to slow down.

6) The Nationals lost the most important game of their season.

7) The temperature will drop 30 degrees by nightfall.
DC Weather

8) The Redskins lost last night.

9) Traffic has stopped on I-95 N from Quantico to the Beltway.

DC Traffic - Outerloop 49510) Traffic has stopped on the outerloop from New Hampshire Avenue to I-270.

11) DC United played last night?

12) The Metro and Marc trains have a 20 minute delay.

13) There’s a WNBA team in DC?

14) The Capitals lost the most important game of their season.