We understand it’s a very difficult decision to sell your house. It becomes a piece of you embedded in your family and traditions. We help facilitate a smooth and hassle-free process for all parties involved. Here’s an overview of our selling process.

1. Listing Paperwork Signed

After your listing appointment, you’ll get an email from our Operations Manager, Katherine St. Paul, containing the listing paperwork for your signature. We use a widely recognized and secure electronic signature service called DocUSign which allows Realtors to efficiently obtain client signatures on documents involved in all transactions. Never heard of it? This video will tell you everything you need to know http://www.docusign.com/using-docusign

2. Photography & Staging

Once we receive the completed paperwork, we will schedule a time for our listings specialist to come to your home for a photo session and home staging. The “for sale” sign will be installed the day before you home goes “on the market” and is listed in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Unless otherwise discussed, your home will be entered in the MLS within 48 hours of our receipt of your signed listing paperwork.

3. Lockbox Installation

After the staging has been completed, a lock box will be installed and a key to your home will be placed inside before your home is active on the MLS. Asking an agent to use the lock box is proper protocol so that we can see who is showing your home and gather feedback from agents and potential buyers. You should not let buyers who walk up to your home inside without an agent. Please give them one of our cards, and let them know that an agent from our office will be happy to show your home at their convenience. If you ever need access to the lock box for any reason, please call our office. Not sure what a lock box is? This is what it will look like (unless you are out of the NVAR area). That loop at the top comes off and is placed over your door knob. Then the box part (with the number buttons) is attached to the loop. The box part contains your house key. You need a special card AND code to access the box, so your key is very safe!

4. Marketing Your Home

Part of our marketing plan for your home includes an Internet listings, brochure, open house (unless you’re renting your home), social media posts (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and blog post), and any other appropriate venue depending on the unique qualities of your home like location and style. Once your home is active on the MLS. It will be listed and syndicated to hundreds of the most popular listings websites and our team website at http://www.gusanthony.com. Your home will automatically be placed into the Keller Williams Listing System (KWLS). This is an exclusive Keller Williams system and ensures 24/7 online marketing of your home. A brochure will also be prepared and delivered prior to the first showing of your home for interested buyers to take home.

5. Open Houses

The effectiveness of open houses varies with market conditions. In slow markets they can be ineffective, whereas an open house in a “hot” market can be a good way to find a buyer for your home. We will discuss this strategy with you in light of current market conditions to see if an open house is a good idea. We need your home to be in perfect condition everyday!

6. Feedback & Follow-Up

From the lock box report, we receive agents’ name and contact information to track the number of showing at your home. We will also place 3 follow-up calls to each showing agent to determine the level of interest a potential buyer has and if there are other properties they may be considering. You will receive an email from Katherine once a week with a summary of the feedback we’ve received. We will also run monthly market updates to be sure that we are always in line with the competition.

7. Contract

When your home goes under contract, Katherine will send you an informational email letter explaining what to expect until settlement. We will change the status of your home in the MLS to “under contract.” The home inspection once scheduled will take about 2-3 hours, and we advise AGAINST you attending. Prior to settlement arrange a transfer of services with your utility companies. The final walk-through typically occurs the evening before the settlement to assure the purchaser that the property is in the same condition as the day the contract was signed. You do not need to attend the final walk-through.

     8.  Settlement
          We will notify you of the time and location of the settlement as soon as the buyer has made the arrangements. The proceeds are disbursed once the property goes though recordation, usually about a day or 2 after settlement. REMEMBER: Bring a picture ID, plus any keys and garage door openers to settlement, and DON’T cancel your existing homeowners insurance until the 2nd business day after the closing!