I have a friend who can still name the date; April 21, 2003. He had done his research and decided that he was going to make a big purchase of Apple stock. It closed that day, a Monday, at $13.14. He wanted to get the absolute best price and was sure it was going back down to $12 and change. It closed that week at $13.35. It closed that month at $14.22. In May it got to more than $18. He’s still waiting…….The same principle applies to real estate.

The point is the same when applied to real estate. If you find a home you like; a home you want, and the price is fair; get it. Don’t get caught up in a win/lose battle over what may be small numbers in the long run.

All the data seems to point that we are poised for a lengthy run-up in prices again. Not crazy appreciation; but healthy. And it feels so good to be a participant in the appreciation.


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