What a hellish weekend it’s been. So much for the events we told you about on Thursday! We hope that everyone is healthy and safe with a cool place to sleep and live until power can be restored. Our fantastic operations manager Katherine, was kind enough to take my family and I in, including our 2 cats, despite her allergy! If you’ve ever worked with her, whether its on the same team or throughout a transaction, then you know she’s always willing to take one for the team and help until everyone’s happy.

We’re not expecting to have electricity restored until Friday at the earliest. I know a lot of us are in this same boat so here are some links and phone numbers of cooling stations and power companies.

Dominion Virginia Power:

Cooling Centers Map

This goes without saying but NEVER touch a downed wire – it could be live!

How are you faring in this oppressive heat? Do you have electricity? We’d love to hear from you! And let everyone know of any pertinent information regarding the aftermath from this massive storm.

Until next time,

Steph (Marketing Assistant)